Nadia’s 2024 Programs to Maximize Your Impact!

Given that the workplace is now a hybrid or flexible one, the question is, are we
maintaining employee engagement, productivity, and effectiveness? Are we ensuring
the mental and physical well-being of our employees? Are we helping them create an
ecosystem around adapting to the new normal? With these questions in mind, we have
expanded our offerings for 2024. I look forward to working with you to upskill your
leaders and workforce.


Leadership Presence. Leading in a hybrid workplace presents unique challenges. Learn to
engage with your employees to maximize engagement, productivity, and motivation.
Maximize Your Presentation Power. Ensure you are HEARD and maximize every
opportunity to persuade, engage and inspire your audience.
Brand YOU: Maximize Your Presence & Leverage the Power of Your Personal Brand.
Everything you say and do contributes to the way you are perceived. Learn tips,
techniques, and a mindset to project the best version of yourself.
Own Your Network and Enhance DEI. Trust—at the center of great teams—comes from
real connection, empathy, and understanding. This program focuses on building
relationships in an actionable way.


Unleash the Power
of Your Personal

Persuade, influence,

Kick your Relationships
Up a Notch!
in-person & virtual

Ramplify: Ramp up
and amplify your
impact in 2024 by
rapidly adapting
to change and
developing resilience

Lighting the FIRE:
Building trust & rapport
in a VUCA (volatile,
uncertain, complex,
ambiguous) world

Brand YOU: Maximizing
your impact in-person
and virtually

What’s your Style?
Decoding personality
styles to bridge
communication gaps

Communicating in a hybrid world: Learning to engage, collaborate, lead &
participate in a hybrid workplace.

All of these workshops and keynotes can be adapted to the following formats: One-on-one
coaching, virtual facilitation, live in-person facilitation, or keynote address. Let us know how
we can best help YOU.

For more information on these and other programs: