Month: October 2008

Clubbing With The Boys

Clubbing With The Boys – Networking Tips for Women Networking with Men

Marion M. who is a senior partner at a major business consultancy, was brought up on the dictum that she had to be twice as smart and work twice as hard as her male colleagues. She always worked long hours, and passed on many an invitation to join the guys at the local bar while she stayed on at the office to run the numbers on a pending deal.

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Lighting the F.I.R.E for Successful Communication

F- Feeling good about yourself

Honore De Balzac said: “There is no greater impediment to getting on well with other people, than being ill at ease with yourself.” We live in a world of enormous stress and challenge and all too often, we forget the power of exuding positive energy as a way of attracting business. And sometimes it is easier to act your way to feeling better than to feel your way to acting better.

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