Corporate Training

Even with the best leaders, it takes communication, hard work, and a collaborative effort for a team to reach its ultimate potential. Whether your organization is working remotely or cautiously going back to the office, your leadership presence, personal brand, and presentation skills are necessary for you and your team to be successful. Nadia offers impactful, engaging and interactive workshops to departments of all sizes at Fortune 100 organizations and startups – virtually and in-person.

Maximizing your Virtual Impact

Goal: To equip you with the mindset and tools to maximize all interactions in an increasingly virtual world.

Now offering virtual keynotes, webinars, or 1-on-1 coaching.

Module 1: Enhancing Your Virtual Presence

Nadia shares the strategies on how to present yourself confidently, competently, and credibly in an increasingly digital world. In this highly interactive (keynote/ half-day training or coaching), we will cover:

  • Understanding the process of projecting confidence in a virtual meeting or presentation.
  • Assessing your audience.
  • Developing content that targets your audience’s needs.
  • Becoming aware of the verbal & non-verbal aspects of projecting a professional image virtually: everything from camera-focused eye contact & voice quality to lighting & attire.

Module 2: Virtual Networking/Building Collaborative Teams

  • Understanding the need for value-based relationships.
  • Understanding your colleagues/clients/potential client’s current priorities
  • Reaching out to your existing network/colleagues in an authentic & productive way.
  • Understanding the obstacles to nurture your existing network as well as how to develop new relationships in an increasingly virtual work environment
  • Look at the different virtual platforms to reach out to clients/colleagues and maintain both visibility and credibility




Virtual & Hybrid Leadership Essentials: Unleashing your ability to inspire, lead, and manage from a distance

Outcome: The Virtual & Hybrid Leadership Certification Program aims to enable and empower you to build a blueprint of how to effectively lead in a virtual environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Create the atmosphere and relationships conducive to virtual team cooperation
  • Manage virtual performance using project management principles
  • Communicate with virtual team members more effectively
  • Identify potential obstacles that the virtual team will face
  • Address the organization’s, and team members’, fears
  • Build a cohesive, collaborative, inclusive virtual team
  • Use tools to ensure targets are set and met
  • Ensure the customer focus is not lost
  • Conduct effective virtual meetings
  • Align strategy to performance
  • Engage team members
  • Enhance trust


Program Description: As a result of the 2020 global health crisis and the ensuing changes in our world and our world of work, leaders are finding they need to manage virtual teams in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment. It is proving a challenge for many. This program examines what steps leaders need to take with their virtual, or virtual and co-locating mixed, teams to survive and thrive in this VUCA world.


Method: The focus will be on practical techniques to apply and an interactive process of learning:

  • Small group collaborations and exercises
  • Individual worksheets and action plan
  • Group discussions
  • Annotations
  • Checklists
  • Polling
  • Chats
  • Q&A
  • Assignments between sessions: videos, blogs, application with team and report back



Maximize Your Presentation Skills: Public Speaking and Communication Skills to Persuade, Influence & Inspire

The goal is to maximize every opportunity to present information in the most compelling, concise, and persuasive way, to acquire effective presentation skills and create and deliver several informal presentations using both verbal and non-verbal techniques. This can be applied to speaking to audiences of any size and in any setting.

DRAWING ON HER YEARS OF EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE AS A GLOBAL SPEAKER AND BROADCASTER, NADIA WILL TEACH AND DEMONSTRATE the essentials of creating and delivering impactful presentations. These highly effective presentation skills techniques will enhance your overall presence and your persuasiveness whenever you communicate.


Learn to:

  • Quickly assess and analyze an audience.
  • Craft audience-focused content.
  • Establish an immediate connection by creatively “hooking” the audience using the H.E.A.R.D ™ Technique (Hook, Evidence, Anecdotes, Reel In, Delivery).
  • Learn powerful storytelling techniques to persuade, influence, and inspire.
  • Select the best evidence to support your presentation.
  • Create powerful actionable ways to end a presentation.
  • Skillfully handle questions, comments, and objections.
  • Master non-verbal skills, including eye contact, voice, stance, hand gestures, and energy.
  • Overcome nervousness and develop greater confidence.
  • Use PowerPoint to enhance a presentation.


Acquire proven techniques, tips, and tools to create and deliver presentations that are effective, persuasive, and powerful.

Each training program practice presentation will be followed by constructive feedback and coaching so that participants will develop their self-confidence and personal presence in a way that is both authentic and immediately actionable. Participants will acquire effective speaking skills they can apply anywhere.


Transformation In A Day

If your goal is to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, this methodology is the most effective.

As with all her keynotes and seminars, the goal is to build an authentic personal presence while developing self-confidence. The training focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication skills and a methodology that Nadia has developed and used in over 25 years as a professional speaker and broadcaster.

In addition, Nadia Bilchik offers programs that focus on developing Leadership Presence, Personal Branding, and Communication Skills to maximize productivity and reduce conflict. Also popular are her programs and keynotes on Networking and Influencing. The workshops are highly interactive and transformational. Nadia’s Presentation Skills training actively involves each participant in the process and reinforces all the concepts taught so they are enduring and immediately actionable.

To inquire about the effective presentation skills/public speaking training workshops and to start speaking with confidence and clarity every time you communicate, call 404-274-4367.

Leadership Presence

This workshop explores the concept of Leadership Presence and the qualities that contribute to a leader’s ability to motivate and inspire the individuals they impact.

Topics covered in this workshop include; Techniques to be impactful in front of small or large audiences, virtual and Interpersonal presence, networking to expand influence across the organization, strategies to overcome obstacles, coaching and mentoring.

This workshop will provide the building blocks for effective leadership.


Professional Presence: Leveraging the Power of Your Personal Brand

All aspects of Professional Presence, both in person and virtually, and both verbally and non-verbally, contribute to an individual’s “brand” and the overall way they are perceived:

Professional Presence Workshop

Our training program provides the tools and insights to achieve personal and organizational goals, through a strategic approach to Professional Presence and Personal Branding, resulting in long-term actionable change. The result is the development of self-awareness as well as an understanding of how every action, word, and behavior contributes to an individual’s Professional Presence and Personal Brand.

The workshop focuses on mastering FIVE areas of Professional Presence:

  • Attitude and Self Awareness: This includes everything from punctuality and accountability to an understanding that everything that is said and done contributes to the way you are perceived.
  • Physical Presence: Presentation skill; speaking with clarity and confidence in meetings, and dress.
  • Interpersonal Presence: Effective strategies to deal with obstacles and conflict in a calm, productive way. Understanding different personality styles.
  • Virtual Presence: Here we will focus on applying professionalism to everything from telephone etiquette to email and social media.
  • Social Presence: Networking effectively within the organization.


The objective of this program is to create awareness that results in behavior change, and includes the following:

  • Developing an awareness that your Professional Presence is a culmination of every aspect of your behavior and that everything you do and say communicates.
  • Learning how to re-brand yourself and reset misperceptions to get others to see you in a more advantageous way.
  • Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills to create a positive impression.
  • Understanding through interactive exercises that developing Professional Presence requires self-awareness and focus.
  • Developing a Professional Presence Personal Branding plan.


In addition to Professional Presence training, Nadia Bilchik offers programs that focus on Presentation/Public Speaking Skills and Executive Presence. Also popular are her programs and keynotes on Networking and Influencing. The workshops are highly interactive and transformational. Nadia’s Professional Presence training actively involves each participant in the process and reinforces all the concepts taught so they are enduring and immediately applicable.

To inquire about Professional Presence: Leverage the Power of Your Personal Brand workshops and to start speaking with confidence and clarity every time you communicate, call 404-274-4367.

Own Your Brand: Maximize Your Presence & Leverage the Power of Your Personal Brand

Here participants learn to develop, communicate, and leverage their unique strengths in a way that benefits both the individual and the business through Personal Branding.

1-Day Professional Development Program on Building a Personal Brand

Nadia Bilchik has over 25 years of experience as a professional speaker and communications skills trainer. During this time, she has developed a system to help people become aware of how others perceive them. Her techniques focus on projecting a persuasive and dynamic presence to help build a rapport. Workshops are interactive, allowing participants to give their own presentations while practicing what it takes to create and maintain a powerful Personal Brand.

The interactive workshop provides each participant with the skills and strategies needed to identify their strategic advantage and communicate it to their target audience. This empowers them to represent themselves and their organization in the best possible way.

Developing a positive Personal Brand involves mastery of a few key aspects, and Nadia will cover each of these during this professional development training workshop:

  • An overview of exactly what a brand is and how it creates a perception.
  • In-person and virtual, verbal and non-verbal aspects of presence that contribute to perception and one’s Personal Brand.
  • The four aspects of presence influencing perception:
  • Physical (dress, presentations, and meetings)
  • Interpersonal (how one manages conflict and stress)
  • Virtual (telephone, email, and social media)
  • Social (integrating one’s brand with networking)

Integrating Communication Skills with a Professional Development Plan

Effective communication is essential for creating a productive work environment. In Nadia’s workshops, participants will learn effective communication strategies to reduce conflict and enhance productivity.

For more information on the personal brand-building and other professional development workshops led by Nadia Bilchik, call 404-274-4367.

Bridging Communication Gaps

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, and the ability to deal with conflict in a constructive way is critical to productivity as well as personal and professional success. Skilled communicators have the ability to manage conflict with less stress and more confidence.

This communication skills development workshop will explore the verbal and nonverbal elements of mastering communication skills and managing conflict.

  • Communication Fundamentals: The verbal and nonverbal elements of mastering communication skills and managing conflict.
  • Mastering Active Listening Skills: The ability to listen in a way that elicits the most positive outcome.
  • Developing Strategic Self-Awareness: By understanding one’s own default patterns when faced with conflict, one can improve self-awareness and develop more impactful communication skills.
  • Communicating with Different Personality Styles: Developing awareness and understanding of your own personality style as well as co-workers and colleagues can help explain and potentially minimize conflict and stress both in the workplace and in customer/client interactions.

Learning how to master communication skills is a worthwhile goal for all business professionals, whether they’re just beginning their career or have already reached the C-suite. For more information about this communication skills training workshop led by Nadia Bilchik, please call 404-274-4367.

Networking For Success

In today’s highly competitive world, the ability to build relationships in person and virtually is critical to success at all levels of an organization. Fostering reciprocal and collaborative relationships not only creates a positive work environment and accelerates execution but is also a key factor in attracting new business.
Skillfully building and managing your network requires mastering the following three areas: connection, conversation, and collaboration. The ability to do so is essential in an increasingly competitive business environment. Global speaker and author Nadia Bilchik has developed a program that inspires participants to build and nurture existing relationships as well as develop new ones.

Author of THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG NETWORKING IDEAS, A Guide to Expert Networking, Nadia shares proven business networking tips and techniques to build value-based relationships to enhance a diverse and inclusive working environment.

In this workshop, participants will explore the benefits of skillful networking and learn techniques for overcoming obstacles.

Among advanced networking skills, participants will learn how to:

  • Overcome anxiety about networking
  • Look to the power of networking to accelerate execution
  • Understand ways to make networking work on both an individual and company level
  • Study personality styles in order to both understand their own and quickly assess others, to be able to relate to them in the most appealing way
  • Discover ways to initiate and develop meaningful relationships
  • Improve professional and personal relationships by creating their own opportunities to learn from others and discover unexplored options
  • Implement “follow-up” strategies for long-term relationship maintenance
  • Make the long-term investment in others so they want to invest in you
  • Develop a greater understanding of the use of social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to both initiate and nurture relationships


Multicultural & Diverse Perspective

Networking to Create an Effective and Diverse Business Environment
The purpose of this highly interactive workshop is to guide each participant to their own unique perspective on the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and growth. Each workshop participant will learn critical business networking skills in creating a diverse, innovative environment.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the value that multicultural perspective brings to an organization
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ways inclusion and diversity benefit an organization
  • Develop a clearer understanding of the various contextual and culturally based meanings of the term “multicultural”
  • Acquire the ability to adapt to different personality and cultural styles to promote better business relationships
  • Master specific skills, techniques, and insights that enable them to engage in cross-cultural business networking
Led by Nadia Bilchik, these workshops will help participants make the best of their future networking business opportunities. Call 404-274-4367 for more information.

Presentation Skills to Persuade & Influence

Effective presentation skills should be part of any individual’s arsenal of communication tools. Global speaker and author Nadia Bilchik gives participants the tools and techniques to improve presentation and persuasive speaking skills.
This interactive workshop will help participants develop a greater presence and deliver presentations that effectively persuade, influence, and motivate. By learning ways to analyze an audience and assess its needs, participants will acquire the ability to design and deliver presentations that will move their audiences to action.

Participants will have a greater opportunity for exposure by developing effective presentation skills that enhance the overall way others perceive them. The program is also designed to develop participants’ ability to:

  • Demonstrate Leadership Presence: The ability to present information with both powerful content and skilled delivery allow an individual to communicate their vision in a way that results in positive action.
  • Demonstrate Confidence & Credibility: The ability to articulate information and deliver it to a group in a succinct and persuasive manner enhances a participant’s confidence and credibility.
  • Motivate Action: One of the best ways to motivate execution is through a passionate, powerful, and well-thought-out presentation. A presentation that impacts both heart and mind is one of the greatest catalysts in motivating action.


Through video playback and group exercises, participants will practice lateral thinking, as well as innovative and creative ways to deliver information. Participants will also engage in roleplay scenarios that highlight the W.I.F.Y (What’s in It for You) approach and design and deliver succinct messages that inspire immediate action.

To learn more about this highly effective presentation skills training workshop, please call 404-274-4367.