Month: September 2015

The Greater Impact of Andres, Omelets, and Excellence

Andres Sanchez, omelet chefAndres Sanchez is the omelet chef at the cafeteria at Home Depot’s Atlanta Store Support Center. I have the great pleasure of watching him in action every time I am in the building. This morning, I was particularly struck by how extraordinary he really is. He single-handedly manages to make no fewer than five to six omelets at a time, and he does it with ease, efficiency, and a most convivial attitude. I have traveled a great deal,

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The Greater Impact of Daniel Silva

Daniel SilvaFormer executive producer of Crossifre Daniel Silva is the best-selling author of 18 thriller and espionage novels, 15 of which feature his popular protagonist Gabriel Allon. In his most recent novel, The English Spy, a former member of the British royal family is sunk on her yacht, and it is Allon’s job to track down her killer.
I sat down with Silva to discuss his work, the upcoming presidential election,

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