The Greater Impact of Andres, Omelets, and Excellence

Andres Sanchez, omelet chefAndres Sanchez is the omelet chef at the cafeteria at Home Depot’s Atlanta Store Support Center. I have the great pleasure of watching him in action every time I am in the building. This morning, I was particularly struck by how extraordinary he really is. He single-handedly manages to make no fewer than five to six omelets at a time, and he does it with ease, efficiency, and a most convivial attitude. I have traveled a great deal, and watched omelets being prepared in hotels from Dubai to Durban and I have yet to encounter anyone who comes close to Andres.
Given his excellence, and the fact that he always remembers your usual order, Andres is somewhat of a legend at the HD SSC. It makes one realize that being superb at your job, and doing it in a way that goes above and beyond expectation, does and should receive acclaim.
So, what makes Andres so extraordinary? Here are some of my thoughts — for those of you who know Andres, please share your thoughts, and for those of you who know someone like Andres, please tell us their story.
Be invested in others
Despite the fact that he serves so many people each day, Andres is able to recall not only his customers’ names, but their favorite dishes, as well. Whether it’s a business connection, a friend, or a family member, taking the time to demonstrate that you genuinely care about the other person is invaluable to maintaining a healthy relationship. We’re all busy these days, but taking just a few minutes to let others know that you’re thinking of them can go a long way.
Create an effective processImpact of Andres, Omelets, and Excellence
Andres is a master omelet chef — as mentioned above, he can make up to six at once. He’s able to do this because he has an effective process that he follows each time. He’s not simply throwing ingredients around in a disorganized manner — rather, he always follows the same step-by-step procedure, so nothing is overlooked. At this point, he has it down to an art, and his process allows him to whip up an omelet quickly without sacrificing quality.
Give it your best
It’s an age-old saying, but it’s true. While an omelet may not be the most challenging dish for a skilled chef like Andres, he knows it is nonetheless important for him to do his best. He takes pride in his work, and it shows. As a result, his customers enjoy phenomenal breakfasts, and continue returning to him day after day.
Because he’s doing good work, Andres projects a genuine sense of joy. Anytime I’m in his kitchen, my spirits are lifted. This is how we should make our teams and employees feel. And it’s how we deserve to feel, as well.