Month: February 2014

The Greater Impact of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Braids

On Sunday, the topic of my CNN segment was the former Prime Minister of Ukraine’s hairstyle.

It’s a strange but quite significant topic. To see why, please click on this link.

So, the question is what do we learn from Ms. Tymoshenko’s traditional Ukranian hairdo? Simply that our appearance, while not everything, is an integral part of the way we are perceived.

Are you using every aspect of your appearance to your advantage?

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The Greater Impact Of A Broken Blackberry

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved Blackberry stopped working; it had apparently stopped communicating with the network. Now, I am sure many of you can relate to the panic and despair that ensues when you either drop your device or leave it somewhere. I thought at first it would be a simple matter of replacing it and was mortified when I was told that our department was no longer ordering Blackberries, and that I had to replace it with an iPhone.

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