The Greater Impact Of A Broken Blackberry

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved Blackberry stopped working; it had apparently stopped communicating with the network. Now, I am sure many of you can relate to the panic and despair that ensues when you either drop your device or leave it somewhere. I thought at first it would be a simple matter of replacing it and was mortified when I was told that our department was no longer ordering Blackberries, and that I had to replace it with an iPhone.

Given that I had no choice, I have been forced to do what my daughters have long been telling me I needed to do, and that is learn how to navigate h a new device.

And so my learning curve has begun. The sad thing about this saga is that I could have begun the journey a year ago. I was actually given an iPhone last year, but after a week of frustration and numerous spelling errors I handed it back.

To me, this entire experience reminded me of the fable that is told in Who Moved My Cheese? In this story, the mouse who starts to take action before his cheese depletes is the one who is the most successful. I was told that I should give up the Blackberry ages ago, but it was only when I didn’t have a choice that I finally took action.

So it brings me to this: Is there something in your life that you know you should do something about, but for one or other reason you don’t because it will take too much effort? Are you waiting until you absolutely have no choice? The reality is if I had made the change before I absolutely had to, it would have prevented so much inconvenience and frustration in the long run.

So, as 2014 gets underway, I am hoping you will join me in taking stock of the things that require some action. It can be anything from setting up a meeting with someone you have meaning to get together with,, to updating your LinkedIn profile. Whether the action is big or small, it so much easier if you take it before you have no choice.

I would so appreciate any thoughts you have on this, and also any advice you have for a die-hard Blackberry user who has unwillingly had to convert.

Wishing you everything of the best!