The Greater Impact of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Braids

On Sunday, the topic of my CNN segment was the former Prime Minister of Ukraine’s hairstyle.

It’s a strange but quite significant topic. To see why, please click on this link.

So, the question is what do we learn from Ms. Tymoshenko’s traditional Ukranian hairdo? Simply that our appearance, while not everything, is an integral part of the way we are perceived.

Are you using every aspect of your appearance to your advantage? Is it time to update your wardrobe, hairstyle or lipstick shade? Do you consistently come across as the “best” version of yourself?

As I write this, I am in much need of hair color and a good trim, none of which you can see on CNN because the make-up artists are magicians. The issue always comes down to finding the time, and making it a priority. I know many of you can relate.

So, I write this to remind myself as much as to remind you, that If Yulia Tymoshenko can braid her hair in prison, somehow or other we can make the time.

Warmest wishes as always,