Month: October 2007

Today, I got this wonderful email, I thought it would be great to share.


I very much appreciated your presentation at yesterday’s Hartford Real Estate Exchange.  Your comments clearly validated many of my own practices.  I am often told that my energy sells and that I am passionate about what I do but frankly, I could not appreciate that until I was in your company yesterday to hear and see your passionate delivery and motivation.  In my work and life I am “business yenta”

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Thank you note I received

Thank you for the inspiring talk at the CREW meeting on 10/11.  I truly enjoyed it!  You are funny and very wise.

My firm is only 2 years old and I have called, emailed, faxed, and written prime consultants looking for subcontracting opportunities.  I am an urban planner, civil engineer and attorney – very transactional (smile).

I think I could have made a lot more headway if I had have asked to meet with them over lunch or tea. 

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Networking Is Critical

If you ever visit Hartford, CT, you should stay at the Goodwin hotel. It’s a boutique hotel with 2 level suites and a very friendly staff, who go out of their way to please.

My presentation to the Real Estate Exchange was on Networking, with a focus on “clubbing with the boys,” very pertinent since the program took place in the famous Hartford Club, the meeting place of many state senators.

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Turner Workshop

It is always wonderful to present a program for Turner because everyone works for different companies under the Turner umbrella. In today’s workshop there were people from CNN, Court TV (soon to be TruTV) TNT, TBS , Gametap, etc, etc. It’s great because it provides such variety in terms of networking.

We also spoke about the fact that I am South African, one of the participants, Nndike, is half Nigerian and another,

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Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the afternoon with District Sales Managers and Regional Directors with Sanofi-Aventis.It is always a challenge to speak about Networking with women who already do it so well.So, as always I spoke about how to take it to another level, how, as Emeril says, to “kick it up a notch”It really comes down to “mindset” especially as women; we tend to feel that Networking is expedient. We also discussed that we don’t like asking.What I have discovered,

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