Turner Workshop

It is always wonderful to present a program for Turner because everyone works for different companies under the Turner umbrella. In today’s workshop there were people from CNN, Court TV (soon to be TruTV) TNT, TBS , Gametap, etc, etc. It’s great because it provides such variety in terms of networking.

We also spoke about the fact that I am South African, one of the participants, Nndike, is half Nigerian and another, Chris, could trace his ancestry back to England. The true melting pot, that is America, represented right here at CNN Center.

After the program, I rushed to the airport to go to Hartford for the CREW event. As much as I travel, stripping off my over garment and taking off my shoes will never be routine. As someone who has only lived in this country for 10 years, I am still awed by the amount of traveling we do for business. I will have been on over 20 flights in September alone……. So if any of you have any great travel tips……or networking feedback ….I look forward to hearing from you.