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Mixers Gain Their Own Momentum

The purpose of the Greater Impact mixers is to connect with no more than 2 to 3 people in a meaningful way. My motto of NOT working the room seems to resonate, especially for people who find it difficult to do the mindless cocktail Chit chat that they feel is expected of them.

So, we provide a pressure free environment, where you feel perfectly ok to have a real conversation with a couple of people and not feel that you have missed out or been less than productive.

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Turner Workshop

It is always wonderful to present a program for Turner because everyone works for different companies under the Turner umbrella. In today’s workshop there were people from CNN, Court TV (soon to be TruTV) TNT, TBS , Gametap, etc, etc. It’s great because it provides such variety in terms of networking.

We also spoke about the fact that I am South African, one of the participants, Nndike, is half Nigerian and another,

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