Mixers Gain Their Own Momentum

The purpose of the Greater Impact mixers is to connect with no more than 2 to 3 people in a meaningful way. My motto of NOT working the room seems to resonate, especially for people who find it difficult to do the mindless cocktail Chit chat that they feel is expected of them.

So, we provide a pressure free environment, where you feel perfectly ok to have a real conversation with a couple of people and not feel that you have missed out or been less than productive.

Please let us know who you have met at the mixers, and what resulted. By us I mean Donna Foland, who arranges these events so wonderfully; Troy Johnson, who is working with Greater Impact to make us technologically integrated; Jeff Halter, the mixers founding father; Kat Cole, who the mixers are never the same without and John Glenn who adds panache and great conversation to every mixer. And of course each and every one of you who have made it out to attend!

Some of the conversation starters that seem to work really well are:

  • So, what is your biggest challenge at the moment?
  • What are you enjoying most/least about your current situation?
  • What advice or guidance do you have for…?

The above are suggestions for our mixers… do you have any?

The mood of these mixers is conducive to these more probing questions. That is what makes them so unique. We have to remember the same rules still apply. First, check how you are FEELING about yourself. Are you coming across as needy or insecure? Card thrusting, otherwise known as the hit and run syndrome is more often than not a turn off.

Show genuine INTEREST in the other person, don’t get that look in your eyes, like you want to “upgrade.”

RELAX…..coming across as at ease is so much more attractive, as Alvin Toffler says, the “less you need something, the more power you have.”

And finally ENGAGE with energy. In this way you light a FIRE.

I met a wonderful branding expert on Thurs night. David Cohen. On Sun, Troy, David and I got together for coffee and collaboration. The interaction exemplified this philosophy. Troy had met David, and introduced him to me, and then did the highest form of networking, he arranged for all of us to meet.

We are very excited, because next year the 3 of us are giving GREATER IMPACT’S first open seminar on 30 Seconds to Shine; a half-day clinic to focus and clarify your message, sharpen your delivery and enhance your virtual presence.

We can accommodate 20 people for a half day seminar (details on website to be published soon!)

I look so forward to hearing your tips on Greater Impact networking.