Today, I got this wonderful email, I thought it would be great to share.


I very much appreciated your presentation at yesterday’s Hartford Real Estate Exchange.  Your comments clearly validated many of my own practices.  I am often told that my energy sells and that I am passionate about what I do but frankly, I could not appreciate that until I was in your company yesterday to hear and see your passionate delivery and motivation.  In my work and life I am “business yenta” and the power of the network is wonderful and yet on the spot, I was unable to give a great example yesterday.  I do have one for you today….

I am working on a major development project in our region.  The developer, who is out of Florida, called frantic this morning because he had four “super loads” of equipment to be delivered to a site in another state for another project. They needed to pass through Connecticut and Rhode Island to the site in Massachusetts.  He had 4 trucks rolling and 2 were stopped at the Connecticut border. Connecticut only permits passage on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and they were not given all the permits until today.  The state police did not believe that the two trucks at the border would get through the state by the end of the day so they were stalled to sit there until next Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the developer’s permits for Rhode Island and Massachusetts for tomorrow and Friday would expire and there is a sizeable cost for a huge crane waiting to lift them off the trucks at the ultimate site.

Through my network, I was able to identify the key person who was not so senior that would result in political rumblings but someone in a position that could sign a waiver and permit them to travel through Connecticut tomorrow morning beginning at 9:00 am.  In addition, my client will be able to continue for a couple of additional  hours in the event they are not completely through by the regular 4:00 deadline. 


My key contacts were called to hear about their success and my thank you notes are out;

My client is relieved and pleased. I have better credibility with them.

The State employees and my contacts are all feeling successful.

And I am so appreciative to work with such wonderful people and frankly VERY relieved.

To share one of my tips with you, I always say that in marketing and networking there are two considerations:   “What’s in if for them?” and “How do you make them feel?”  You covered that in your presentation yesterday.