Month: November 2008

Casual Networking and the Slim Laptop

In my book and seminars there is a section entitled “Casual, Incidental, By Chance Networking.”

It talks about those chance encounters that can lead to business, friendship or romance. I had the pleasure of meeting a recent client in exactly this way. I was on a business trip, one of 52 I have taken this year, when I started a conversation with an elegant gentleman sitting on my left. The conversation starter was the noticeable slimness of his laptop.

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Holiday Networking

“I hate going to holiday parties,” my friend Jane complained.

“What don’t you like?” I asked.

“I’m not great at mingling, and I don’t like making small talk.”

“Anything else?”

I get tired of telling people my life history and what I do for a living,” Jane replied.

“I think I know the problem, Jane. You look at these parties as an obligation rather than a golden opportunity.”

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Getting In The Zone

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the CNN Bookings team on the concept of Personal Branding.

We began with the process of first looking at everyone’s strengths and unique differentiators.  One of the most effective ways to do this is look back at what you consider to be your ‘blue chip’ or ‘zone moment,’ a moment of extreme personal pride.

I used Tsunami Sunday as an example. I was the guest booker on call,

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