Month: December 2020

You are invited ! Wed 12/23 at 9am ET Holiday Power Hour

Thank you so much for your support during this crazy year.
I’m so hoping you can join me this Wednesday, 12/23 at 9am ET for a Power Hour!
The focus of the session is the three things you can do to make your start to 2021 positive, productive and purposeful.
Promise you a fabulous interactive informative packed full of take-aways and great contacts.

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Zoom or Bust?

This time last year Zoom may not have been part of your vocabulary, but fast forward a year: Now, even if you are using a different platform, the verb “to  Zoom” has become synonymous with virtual meetings.

So, now that we are nine months into mostly  virtual encounters, how are you faring?

Would you say your Zooms (and other virtual meeting platforms) are a boom or a bust?

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