Month: May 2009

Nadia sat down with Dan Greenfield to discuss the surprise YOUTUBE scenario

Dan Greenfield heads up Bernaise Source Media (
Check out and to see how you can be a part of the June 19, 2009 seminar.
Nadia and Dan will be teaming up to give valuable insight into the world of new media and traditional. With Nadia’s years of experience in international television news and Dan’s years of media and PR background you’re going to get some real insights into how you can light a fire and kick start your life and career.

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Nadia grabbed Jan Rattia for some tips on networking

Jan Rattia is the Manager of Corporate Learning at Atlanta’s Emory University. He’s happily employed yet still attends networking events. But why?
He says it’s because we MUST stay current; and he’s right!
Your career is always evolving and networking should be something that you enjoy. If you are genuinely interested in what’s going on out there you’ll do wonderfully. Always remember to be yourself. “It’s what you’re best at” as Jan tells us.

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Tips on video blogging – tube yourself

Media Training in the YouTube Age Tip 1:
Ask Yourself, Who is my audience, what do I want them thinking, feeling and doing as a result of this communication

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 2:
Hook your audience, by asking a compelling question, something that provokes thought and personalizes your message.

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 3:
If you are talking directly to your audience, make calm,

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