Tips on video blogging – tube yourself

Media Training in the YouTube Age Tip 1:
Ask Yourself, Who is my audience, what do I want them thinking, feeling and doing as a result of this communication

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 2:
Hook your audience, by asking a compelling question, something that provokes thought and personalizes your message.

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 3:
If you are talking directly to your audience, make calm, direct eye contact with the camera, dont let your eyes flicker, left, right up or down.

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 4:
Have vocal energy, humming is a great way of placing your voice forward and sounding resonant and relaxed.

Media Training in YouTube Age Tip 5:
Look like your are enjoying yourself, a sense of ease and comfort translates well on camera. Check out my relaxation and voice exs on YouTube.

Nadia sat down with Dan Greenfield of Bernaise Source Media to discuss YouTube and the ins and outs of creating videos for your brand