Month: December 2009

Overcoming Shyness

I had such an incredible response from my last newsletter on overcoming nerves, that when I read Mark Goulston’s article on overcoming holiday shyness, I felt I had to share it with you.

So often people say their innately reserved personality keeps them from being a better networker. I always reply that more reserved people can be great networkers, because networking is about real relationship building, and real relationship building begins with genuine interest.

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Overcome Nerves and Develop Confidence

Ever get nervousness that holds you back? That fear of speaking in front of a crowd or walking up to people and introducing yourself? Well you’ve got everything inside of you, right now, that you need to get over that fear. Let’s stay connected and I’ll help you to finally get over your insecurities and distractions once and for all.

New York Greater Impact Event Photos

Greater Impact headed to New York City and the group that gathered was great. Even CNN’s business correspondent Ali Velshi showed up. Here are some pics from the event. Be sure to keep up with and friend us on facebook for updates on the coming Greater Impact events. Happy networking!