Month: October 2016

Why Your Parking Experience Will Never be the Same: Lessons From One Company Who’s Doing it Right

The wonderful thing about this country is that there are opportunities everywhere. If you have a son or daughter who’s working as a valet during their school break, for example, don’t think of it as a dead-end job. It could lead to much greater things.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Women in Parking conference, in front of a group of professionals who work in the parking industry around the country.

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Career Caffeine: The Greater Impact of Steve Bucherati

We’re so excited, because we just launched a new segment called Career Caffeine. My first guest is Steve Bucherati, the Fmr. Global Chief Diversity Officer at Coca-Cola.
In the video below, Steve shares some of his wonderful insights on what it takes to excel. Here are a few of his suggestions:
  • Know your business inside and out.
  • See the big picture.
  • Think strategically and systemically.

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