Month: September 2008

First Impressions

Have you ever watched 2 young children meet each other for the first time? They are usually introduced, look each other warily up and down for a few seconds and then one says something like “Do you want to go and play on the trampoline?” Sometimes prompted or not it is off they go. Give them exactly 3 minutes and they are chatting and playing away, and within the hour they have become firm friends.

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The Verbal and Non-Verbal Elements of Speaking for Success

I am writing this while sitting at the O’Hare Chicago airport.

I have just completed a double session with a group of extraordinary, motivated AD Sales professionals.

The focus of the day was Maximizing Presentation Impact and Networking for Success or as I like to say Building Relationships for Career Success.

We started the day focusing on the qualities that make great speakers.
If you really analyze it,

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