Measure Your Virtual Presence Quotient

Your Virtual Presence Quotient is your ability to connect, engage, lead and collaborate when you are communicating on virtual platforms.

So how would you rate yours? Here are a few questions to consider:

First, are you fully present at all times?
How do you handle interruptions, whether by a family member or a barking dog? Do you let irritation and annoyance derail you, or do you smile and graciously explain the situation?
Do you see each virtual interaction as an opportunity to build trust and rapport with your colleague or client?
Do you see having your camera on as an opportunity to show up and contribute to the meeting fully?
Do you listen carefully to what others are saying and ask pertinent questions?
Do you look directly into the camera lens when you are talking because you know that doing that is synonymous with making eye contact?
Do you follow up with people who you are meeting virtually for the first time?
When presenting information, do you pause for a response and use various methods to encourage audience participation?
Are you aware that everything communicates? That can range from your clothing and room décor to your lighting, background, and camera angle.

If you can answer YES to every question, your VP Q (Virtual Presence Quotient) is super high.

But, remember, the ability to communicate skillfully in the virtual world requires a shift in mindset and the acquisition of new skills. So if you answered NO or SOMETIMES to most of the questions, watch this video for some simple tips to elevate it.
If you would like to know more about programs and keynotes that will you or your team engage more effectively in the virtual world, please email Steve or click here to book some time with me to discuss further.