Unlocking Your Persuasive Presence

Unlocking Your Persuasive Presence

I recently had the pleasure of working with a group of salespeople for a large retailer. Each participant had been a winner in their particular store for selling the most warranties.

What did they all have in common? What differentiated them from their less successful colleagues?

The one thing they all had in common was PERSUASIVE PRESENCE. Each of them had the ability to persuade and influence their target audience, in this case the customer, and present information in an effective and compelling way. 

So, as you read this, ask yourself these questions:

Are  you as persuasive and influential as you could be?

Do you present information in an effective and compelling way?

Could you be more impactful every time you communicate? 

There are a number of  important steps you need to take if you are truly to unlock the power of your persuasive presence, and what follows is a critical checklist:

  • Ask yourself, am I doing this FOR my audience or TO them?
  • Do I really believe that what I am offering adds value?
  • Am I aware of both my verbal and non-verbal language?
  • Have I crafted a message that focuses on benefits?
  • Do I know how to hook or immediately engage an audience?
  • Do I tell good stories and provide the most compelling evidence?
  • Do I really listen to the needs of the audience?
  • Do I exude confidence and competence? 

Finally, be sure to always check your level of energy, the essential ingredient to UNLOCKING THE POWER OF YOUR PERSUASIVE PRESENCE.

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