Could Your Presentations Have More Power?

Powerful presentations can persuade, influence, and inspire your audience.

In addition, the ability to present information in a compelling way and develop your overall presence is critical to your career advancement.

Here are seven things to think about every time you share information with an audience of one or one hundred.

1. Who is my audience?

2. What do I want them to THINK, FEEL or DO as a result of this communication?

3. What is the BENEFIT to the audience if they take your advice, guidance or buy into your idea?

Once you have ascertained the above, you can begin to craft your message.

We do this by learning to be H.E.A.R.D.

4. Always begin with a powerful beginning or HOOK.

5. Use select EVIDENCE, EXAMPLES & ANECDOTES in the body of your presentation.

6. Learn to REEL in or close your presentation with a summary and call to action.

7. Also, master your DELIVERY, non-verbal techniques such as vocal intonation, eye contact, body language, and posture.

Develop Your Speaking Skills

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