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The Greater Impact of Thought Stopping


The Greater Impact of Thought Stopping
Yesterday I had the pleasure of running into someone who had recently attended one of my programs. She told me that the concept of thought stopping and thought replacement that I had spoken about was truly life changing. She said she only wished she had known about it earlier.Stop sign
For me personally, it is also one of the most valuable tools, and something I practice frequently.

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The Greater Impact of Confidence and Attitude

Many of us believe that it is our accomplishments that will help us to succeed. And that is partially true. Having a track record of good work is an important factor that certainly contributes to your advancement. But projecting a sense of confidence is crucial, as well. In order to do that, you need to approach your journey with the right attitude – that is, you need to believe in yourself and your abilities,

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The Greater Impact of Your Physical Space

There is a lot of talk about the ways in which powerful verbal communication can contribute to career success. You’ve probably heard tips like, “Minimize your ‘ums’ and ‘you knows.’” And as women, we’re often told we should stop using “apologetic” language. For example, it’s better to tell your coworker, “I’d like to meet with you later this week,” than it is to say, “I just wanted to see if maybe you had a little time to talk this week.”

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The Greater Impact of Owning Your Podium

Whether you’re giving a presentation in front of a large audience, speaking up in a meeting, or simply trying to interact effectively with your manager, learning to own the podium is a critical skill to possess.

So what exactly does that mean? It’s not about being a flawless public speaker. Rather, it’s about learning to communicate and convey your ideas in a way that projects confidence and authority. You certainly don’t have to be perfect,

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The Greater Impact of Your “Yes Sandwich”

For many of us, turning down a request or invitation can be extremely difficult. As women, we are often socialized to go out of our way to accommodate others, so saying “no” can leave us with feelings of guilt. We may find ourselves worrying that we’ll be seen as selfish or uncaring. But the reality is, we need to maintain healthy boundaries. We cannot possibly say “yes” to every request and invitation that comes our way,

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The Greater Impact of Your “Ask”

You’ve probably heard it said that you won’t get what you truly desire if you’re not prepared to ask for it. But for many of us, knowing how to ask for what we want in a way that makes a positive impression – and ultimately gets us the response we’re hoping for – can be challenging.

My friend and founder of Global EXEC Women, Virginia Bradley, cheekily poses the question, “How big is your ask?”

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Tips to Overcome Nerves: Make a Greater Impact

From Durban to Dallas, the question I get asked most is “do you get nervous?”

So whether you are preparing for a presentation, a job interview or a meeting, these tips and techniques will help you overcome any sabotaging nerves.

*Caution: Only do in preparation for a presentation, not in front of an audience. 🙂

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