REZOOM! It’s tough but critical

There’s no question that all of our lives have been disrupted in a myriad of ways. The question is how are we all coping? What do we need to be doing to ensure that we are as well prepared as possible to deal with the situation we find ourselves in? In other words, how given the challenges are we resuming our work and lives to deal with the new normal? Given the important role that video conferencing is now playing in our lives, I’m calling the process ReZooming.

Here are three key things we can all do:

  1. Master new technology. For some of us its Zoom; for others it’s become proficient at an Excel spreadsheet. For those of you who are tech whizzes, this is the perfect time to learn something else that you have been meaning to but never got around to.
  2. Nurture your relationships and show genuine authentic interest. People will remember your thoughtfulness and when life normalizes you will be top of mind. So, make a point of reaching out to at least one person a day who you haven’t been in touch with lately.  Check in with them and see how you can be a resource.
  3. Don’t let a flicker become a forest fire: If you start to feel anxious, tense or fearful, take a few deep breaths (but definitely don’t hyperventilate) and recognize this feeling of discomfort. Calm yourself down as you would a good friend. In fact, you could also call a sympathetic friend and share your feelings.  If you are not in touch with your feelings, they may get out of control and they may become a raging fire of emotions that take over your wellbeing.