Collaborate & Lead Remotely: Tips & Techniques

Hoping that you are keeping well and staying strong through this testing time in all our lives!


I’m happy to say all my programs, including Executive Presence & Personal Branding, are available virtually. 

I also wanted to share details about my Maximizing Your Virtual Impact offering. I have been doing this as both a 45-minute webinar and 90-minute training.

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Maximizing Your Virtual Presence: Collaborating and Leading Remotely 

In this uncertain environment, the ability to connect and build rapport remotely has become paramount to the success of a team. At the heart of all interpersonal interactions is trust and authenticity, which is far more challenging virtually than it is in person.  In this 90-minute interactive workshop, Nadia Bilchik addresses why interactions that felt organic in a physical office environment require intentional focus when collaborating and leading remotely. Despite the challenges of virtual interaction, handled properly, they do have the potential to motivate and bring out the best in everyone.  Join Nadia as she prepares you to maximize your virtual presence, build online rapport, and, where applicable, lead your team.

Overview: This program is designed to immerse employees in learning about their virtual presence and incorporate these concepts into their team culture. The goal is also to create awareness of what virtual presence is and how to connect with diverse co-workers on a deeper level. This will assist your organization in achieving the goal of creating a synergetic virtual work environment. Participants will learn new ways of collaborating and, where applicable, leading their virtual teams to higher levels of engagement and productivity.


  • Develop confidence in leveraging your virtual presence in a remote work environment
  • Establish rules of engagement to lead and participate effectively in virtual environments
  • Determine ways to tailor your communication style to build trust and bring out the best in each other
  • Foster relationships with colleagues who live and work in different locations both nationally and internationally
  • Formulate new relationships with team members who you may not have met in person


Outcome: As a result of this program, participants will be able to amplify their virtual presence and create an action plan to capitalize on online collaboration tool functions to maximize their interactions in an increasingly virtual world.