Nadia’s 22 Essential Resolutions for 2022!

If you are experiencing a sense of whiplash as you contemplate 2022, you are not alone. And, if you were expecting your life to return to normal by now, you were also not alone. The era of virtual meetings has not ended and very possibly never will. Indeed, we are all contemplating a new year that is starting to look uncomfortably like the two years we just lived through. Moreover, we are all facing challenges that would benefit from more than one New Year’s Resolution. So, here are 22 that are coming to you with my warm wishes for a successful and fulfilling year to come:

1. Get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable.
2. Accept that as you try new things, you may not always be successful, but
3. Keep trying regardless.
4. Make technology your new best friend: Updated webcam equipment is no longer an option; it’s a must.
5. Recognize the unique interpersonal challenges of virtual meetings, and work on your video meeting skills.
 6 Have a cache of questions you can ask people at the start of your online meeting.
7 Hone your intentional listening skills.
8. Get to know your colleagues, direct reports, and peers beyond the screen.
9. Endorse other people on social media, and
10. Thank everyone who does a good job.
11. Be kind and compassionate.
12. Become better at defusing conflict.
13. Increase your level of tolerance.
14. Don’t take anything personally, and
15. Be less judgmental.
16. Stand up and breathe every hour.
17. Expand your podcast repertoire, and
18. Listen to great music.
19. Pick up the phone now and again to call a family member.
20. List what went well in 2021, not just what didn’t
21. Replace the negative thought with positive, and
22. Always let people pass during traffic!