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The Greater Impact of Overcoming Self Doubt

I have been in front of audiences both live and virtually for all of my professional life, but even I have experienced moments of terrifying self-doubt, moments when I have broken out into a cold, heart palpitating sweat in which my usual sense of breezy self-confidence just seems to drain away. In fact, I had exactly that kind of moment just before I was scheduled to introduce media mogul, philanthropist and restaurateur Ted Turner,

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The Greater Impact of Improving your Name Memory!

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking at two global events, one for the Coca-Cola Company and one for an international law firm. In both sessions there were attendees from all over the world. I met people from Estonia, England, South Africa, France, Turkey and China. To those of you who attended the programs, and are reading my newsletter for the first time, a very warm welcome.

While there are certainly differences in culture and sensibilities in different countries,

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The Great Impact of learning how to NOT LOSE IT!

If you have ever attended a Greater Impact Workshop you will have heard the phrase that EVERYTHING you do and say communicates. The way you are perceived is the culmination of many factors. Key amongst these is your ability to relate to others in the most effective, powerful and gracious way. And even more revealing is how you navigate the inevitable interpersonal conflicts that arise in the workplace from time to time.

Not surprisingly,

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Elevating the “me” Factor

Have you ever gone to a party and had a really awful time because you didn’t feel your best? Perhaps you didn’t feel comfortable in what you were wearing; perhaps it was a case of “bad hair day,” or of just being really tired. That is exactly how I felt last week when, after facilitating a full day of training, I rushed downtown to make it to an important CNN event.

It was one of those brilliantly organized gatherings: the guests included Kasim Reed,

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Overcoming Shyness

I had such an incredible response from my last newsletter on overcoming nerves, that when I read Mark Goulston’s article on overcoming holiday shyness, I felt I had to share it with you.

So often people say their innately reserved personality keeps them from being a better networker. I always reply that more reserved people can be great networkers, because networking is about real relationship building, and real relationship building begins with genuine interest.

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Overcome Nerves and Develop Confidence

Ever get nervousness that holds you back? That fear of speaking in front of a crowd or walking up to people and introducing yourself? Well you’ve got everything inside of you, right now, that you need to get over that fear. Let’s stay connected and I’ll help you to finally get over your insecurities and distractions once and for all.

Nadia grabbed Jan Rattia for some tips on networking

Jan Rattia is the Manager of Corporate Learning at Atlanta’s Emory University. He’s happily employed yet still attends networking events. But why?
He says it’s because we MUST stay current; and he’s right!
Your career is always evolving and networking should be something that you enjoy. If you are genuinely interested in what’s going on out there you’ll do wonderfully. Always remember to be yourself. “It’s what you’re best at” as Jan tells us.

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