16 Things that AI will never be able to do!

The ultra-modern convenience of Artificial Intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Waze has taken a lot of complex tasks off our hands, like collating information and writing generic blogs or navigating our way out of a traffic jam. But, however sophisticated and brilliant Artificial Intelligence becomes, there are certain things these systems will never be able to do for you. They are the very human features of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence as embodied in the following:

  1. You are building up an inventory of your internal moments of triumph, which you can access when you give a presentation or walk into a high-stakes meeting.

  2. Make eye contact with your audience or look into the camera if you present virtually.

  3. Using vocal inflection when delivering information to avoid sounding monotonous.

  4. Using open, relaxed body language that conveys confidence and credibility.

  5. Truly engaging with the people you communicate with by being authentic.

  6. Showing genuine interest in the individuals you impact by focusing on what’s important to them.

  7. Use language that the people you speak can relate to. 

  8. Remembering people’s names and making them feel seen and acknowledged when you greet them.

  9. Make your employees feel that they have a future with your organization by investing in them.

  10. Giving emerging leaders the interpersonal skills to be effective.

  11. Nurturing existing relationships by being a “go-giver” as much as a “go-getter.”

  12. Demonstrating empathy when dealing with conflict. Remember: Empathy first; then facts offer an Alternative.

  13. Understanding your triggers and learning to press pause before responding.

  14. Mastering the giving of feedback.

  15. Learning to say “thank you, and tell me more” when receiving feedback and, most importantly

  16. Being conscious that each and every action and interaction contributes to how you are perceived.