How Communication Mastery Adds to Your Sex Appeal

If sex appeal has connotations of being desirable, attractive, and aspirational, mastering your ability to communicate skillfully is very sexy!


So, how do you go about being irresistible and elevating your communication skills into the realms of desirability? Here are 12 things you can do every day:

  1. 1) Communication skills mastery starts with self-awareness.

  2. And the ability to slow down the reactions mediated by your reactive limbic system so that you respond to situations rather than react out of anger or frustration.
  3. 2) Begin all communication thinking of the person/people you are speaking or presenting to.

  4. What are their priorities, and why do they need this information? Who are they exactly, and what do you want them to THINK, FEEL & DO because of this communication?
  5. 3) The power of listening can never be underestimated.

  6. It is one of the most critical competencies of communication and romantic mastery. Listen to understand and not just to respond genuinely. This is particularly challenging in our virtual and hybrid environments and requires intentionality and focus.
  7. 4) Learn to read the person/people you are communicating with by observing their speaking and body language pace.

  8. Is this person fast-paced and outspoken, or are they more thoughtful and reserved? Of course, you may fall somewhere in the middle, but either way, you need to calibrate your communications accordingly.
  9. 5) Ask open-ended questions.

  10. Ask questions that indicate deep respect and curiosity.
  11. 6) Make the other person feel honored.

  12. As well as appreciated by authentically reinforcing what they say.
  13. 7) Try not to one-up the other person by interjecting with an “I” statement.

  14. There is nothing more charming and romantic than giving other people their moments.
  15. 8) You do not have to be the font of all knowledge.

  16. Or the giver of great advice all the time. Sometimes, just hearing someone else’s story is enough.
  17. 9) Multi-tasking is not sexy.

  18. Instead, a masterful communicator is present and makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.  
  19. 10) Masterful communicators do not pontificate and repeat themselves.

  20. They are concise and clear.
  21. 11) Master communicators are good storytellers.

  22. They have perfected the art of painting a memorable picture that makes a point.
  23. 12) Master communicators clarify.

  24. If they don’t understand something and aren’t self-conscious about saying they don’t know, they will find out.