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Networking to Enhance a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Business Environment

At this point, it had become widely accepted that companies committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion benefit from a “diversity dividend” for a whole range of reasons, including gaining access to diverse markets and tap into different and often innovative perspectives.

So, how does that relate to your career? The answer is if you can harness your networking skills to connect and engage with people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds,

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Are You Adapting to Thrive?

Just over a year ago, our lives were changed forever by a force over which we had no control. We found a need to adapt to our new environment.

Our living rooms became our offices, and our webcams became our means of connecting. Each day brought a new challenge of juggling the forced integration of work and home and adapting. Camera on! Camera off. As we phase into not quite back to normal,

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New York Greater Impact Event Photos

Greater Impact headed to New York City and the group that gathered was great. Even CNN’s business correspondent Ali Velshi showed up. Here are some pics from the event. Be sure to keep up with www.nadiaspeaks.com and friend us on facebook for updates on the coming Greater Impact events. Happy networking!

5 Important Communication Tips to help you Make it through the Holiday Season

We all need some advice around the holidays. Especially in the area of family, there is always room for improvement. Communication is key, but the holidays can be the best time to learn to share our lives better with friends, family and even co-workers. Here I’ve broken it all down into 5 simple steps.

Casual Networking and the Slim Laptop

In my book and seminars there is a section entitled “Casual, Incidental, By Chance Networking.”

It talks about those chance encounters that can lead to business, friendship or romance. I had the pleasure of meeting a recent client in exactly this way. I was on a business trip, one of 52 I have taken this year, when I started a conversation with an elegant gentleman sitting on my left. The conversation starter was the noticeable slimness of his laptop.

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