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The Verbal and Non-Verbal Elements of Speaking for Success

I am writing this while sitting at the O’Hare Chicago airport.

I have just completed a double session with a group of extraordinary, motivated AD Sales professionals.

The focus of the day was Maximizing Presentation Impact and Networking for Success or as I like to say Building Relationships for Career Success.

We started the day focusing on the qualities that make great speakers.
If you really analyze it,

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Some thought on factual meetings; across the desk or one-to-one presentations.

  • Decide on your objective before the session. As the passage from Alice in Wonderland goes:

“If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, or what route you take!”

If, however, you have pre-thought and planned, chances are you’ll get to at least the neighborhood of your strategic objective.”

  • Never stand up, walk in or “listen” with your name in neutral.

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My Start to 2008

Life the last few weeks has truly been extraordinary. I started my 08 with a trip to LA, where I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of Ad Sales planners. The focus was on Maximizing Your Presentation Impact……and we had such fun doing it. I particularly liked the Presentation HOOK that one of the participants came up with, who was selling True TV, which is the rebranding of Court TV. He said that reality TV was less enjoyable because it had become so contrived and staged,

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Networking Is Critical

If you ever visit Hartford, CT, you should stay at the Goodwin hotel. It’s a boutique hotel with 2 level suites and a very friendly staff, who go out of their way to please.

My presentation to the Real Estate Exchange was on Networking, with a focus on “clubbing with the boys,” very pertinent since the program took place in the famous Hartford Club, the meeting place of many state senators.

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Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the afternoon with District Sales Managers and Regional Directors with Sanofi-Aventis.It is always a challenge to speak about Networking with women who already do it so well.So, as always I spoke about how to take it to another level, how, as Emeril says, to “kick it up a notch”It really comes down to “mindset” especially as women; we tend to feel that Networking is expedient. We also discussed that we don’t like asking.What I have discovered,

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