Your PHYSICAL Space — How to OWN it to Persuade and Influence

How to OWN it to Persuade and Influence
How to OWN it to Persuade and Influence? We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover. But the truth is, that’s precisely what most of us do a lot of the time. We make judgments about the people we encounter very quickly. Therefore, it’s important to make a strong first impression. And to do that, you need to learn to own your physical space.

Own Your Style

While we may wish we could go to the office in yoga pants, in reality, your style speaks a lot about you. So be sure to look professional and put together. This will signal to others that you’re organized and competent. And you can still express your individual sense of fashion with accessories.

Own Your Wardrobe

Dressing professionally is the first step. Dressing in a way that’s best suited to you – your body type and clothing preferences – will help you appear even more chic and put together. Always be sure to use a full-length mirror when assessing your outfits. Don’t dress provocatively – no short hemlines or low-cut blouses. Make sure your hair, nails, makeup, and skin are tended to. And remember, a simple blazer and pair of pumps can go a long way toward making you look professionally stylish. You’re not going to a fashion magazine photo shoot, so this doesn’t have to be something that causes you unnecessary stress. But keeping up with the basics and maintaining your appearance can have an important impact.

Give Your Wardrobe the SPF

Structure – Clothing with defined lines will almost always look sharper then outfits with a looser fit. It looks more tailored and professional.

Proportion – Learn to balance your presence. Tall and large women already have a more significant presence, so bright colors and big buttons may be unnecessary. On the other hand, accessories on more petite women can help to create a larger presence.

Fit – Know your body and how clothes fit you. You don’t want to be popping out of your outfit, but you don’t want it to look like you’re wearing a curtain, either. Know how outfits fall on your unique body. And if you have any doubts, consider working with a professional image consultant.

Own What You Say

Your appearance is just one aspect of your overall presence. Another important factor is your ability to communicate. You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t effectively communicate them, you won’t succeed. But not to worry, in my book, Own Your Space, I discuss methods of becoming more articulate and developing greater charisma, both in front of a crowd and in everyday conversation. Here are a few tips:

-Be your authentic self. Speak from your heart.

-Be polite and mind your manners. Say thank you, and remember names. Don’t interrupt others.Don’t always be the one saying no and shutting down other people’s ideas. Instead, propose ideas of your own.

-Steer away from gossip.

-Cut out filler words like “um” and “you know.” And of course, avoid expletives in the workplace.

-Enunciate clearly, especially if you’re speaking in front of a group.

-Be mindful of the emotion reflected in your tone of voice

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