Virtual Leadership: You Can’t Just Dial It In!

Developing your virtual leadership skills is no longer an option: It’s a necessity.

The fact is, even when all or some of the members of your team return to the office, there will always continue to be a virtual component to all of our lives.

That is why it is vital to develop the skills needed to manage virtual and hybrid teams in a way that maximizes engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

To meet those needs, Greater Impact is now offering keynotes, half-day and full-day programs that focus on the following:

☑️ The challenges of virtual engagement and why doing it well is so critical to productivity.

☑️ How to present and facilitate meetings that invite participation in a virtual and hybrid world.

☑️ Motivating team members through building trust and developing rapport.

☑️ Alternative ways of engaging and interacting in a virtual world.

☑️ Developing different approaches to information gathering in a virtual environment. 

☑️ Strategies to effectively onboard employees virtually, including ways to impart business knowledge and train employees who continue to work remotely.

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