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How Do You Show Up in People’s Minds?

How Do You Show Up in People's Minds?

We hear so much about the importance of having a personal brand, but what does that really mean? Put simply, your brand is your reputation, which is the culmination of almost everything you have ever done and said. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The reality is, you already have a reputation and you are being “branded”

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The Secret of a Greater Impact

I recently spoke to a group of entrepreneurs on how to get people to like you, trust you, and generate new business.

Everyone had to share the experience(s) that had most impacted their lives. The directive, however, was that while stories were being shared, the listeners were not allowed to relate the story back to themselves; they had to simply listen, and then ask qualifying questions such as, “In what way?” “Tell me more?”

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The Greater Impact of Letting Go of PERFECT

The Greater Impact of Letting Go of PERFECT
Many of us labor mightily to be perfect — or at least to appear perfect to the outside world. I was recently interviewed on this very topic, and I thought it would be helpful to share my views on the quest for perfection. I would love your thoughts and feedback.

Is there such a thing as perfection?

I think the notion that “perfection” exists is a total myth.

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The Greater Impact of Being a Happy Hooker

il_340x270.677239228_9yllI thought this title would get your attention! And that’s exactly what a hook is supposed to do – immediately pique the audience’s interest.

You’ve probably heard that one of the most important elements of a successful presentation is the ability to reel the audience in from the outset and make them want to listen. But how exactly do you do that? Here are a few tips.

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The Greater Impact of Accepting Imperfection

PerfectionismThe Greater Impact of Accepting Imperfection
Often, we get so caught up thinking we have to be perfect that we become paralyzed.
One of the most liberating things that I emphasize in my Presentation Skills programs is that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be an effective speaker. You just have to be the best possible version of yourself.

I always remind people that nobody views you with the microscopic lens with which you view yourself.

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The Greater Impact of Different Perspectives

Recently, I spoke with Melissa Dawn Simkins, president of Velvet Suite, a firm that helps clients build strong brands, about the importance of seeking out different perspectives, both in business and in life. It’s easy for us to become so trapped in our own opinions and our routine ways of doing things that we’re unable to see other options and opportunities. Here are a few of Melissa’s suggestions for avoiding tunnel vision.

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The Greater Impact of Overcoming Self Doubt

I have been in front of audiences both live and virtually for all of my professional life, but even I have experienced moments of terrifying self-doubt, moments when I have broken out into a cold, heart palpitating sweat in which my usual sense of breezy self-confidence just seems to drain away. In fact, I had exactly that kind of moment just before I was scheduled to introduce media mogul, philanthropist and restaurateur Ted Turner,

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