Is Your Relationship with YOURSELF a Help or a Hindrance?

Is Your Relationship with YOURSELF a Help or a Hindrance?

Isn’t it fascinating that while so much goes right, our minds will still focus on the one thing that doesn’t? If you are anything like me, you chastise yourself endlessly when things don’t go perfectly.

That’s what happened to me recently, when a guest I had booked left the CNN set just just before his second interview. It turned out his phone was off, and he hadn’t seen my texts giving him his updated schedule. It was a departure that I should have been aware of, but didn’t notice because of a momentary distraction. Afterwards, I went over and over what I could/should/would have done differently. It was only when a colleague said “these things happen, there’s nothing else you could have done, so stop beating yourself up,” that I paused and reflected on the fact that in reality I was being cruel to myself.

While I firmly believe that accountability, ownership and self reflection are a critical part of professionalism, expecting yourself and the world to be perfect can be energy-sapping and counter-productive.

So, I ask you, what are you upset with yourself about? Perhaps it’s time to accept that by nature we are not perfect beings and the world is a far from perfect place.

Clearly, I am writing this to myself as much as to you. You can’t only like yourself when things go smoothly You also have to have compassion for yourself when the inevitable glitches happen!

Think about where you are at right now,  this moment. Are you  feeling all is right in your world, or are you feeling you could’ve should’ve done things differently? I urge you to be kind to your imperfect self. Nobody can be superhuman and perfect all of the time, and often it’s the mistakes you make and the detours that you take that are your best teachers.