The Greater Impact of Pressing Pause

Do you ever feel so tired that you literally can’t move?

Do you ever wonder if you are experiencing a level of “burnout?”

Do you ever wish the weekend was just one more day and you still had just one more hour of sleep before you had to wake up?

A couple of months ago, I was so overwhelmed with fatigue that I decided to consult a physician.

She had come highly recommended as someone who had a “holistic” approach.

After extensive testing, she came back with a prescription that was so simple and yet so profound, and I wanted to share it with you.

“Between others’ request of you, and your response there lies a PAUSE.”

In essence, Dr. Williams was simply saying STOP immediately saying YES to everything.

STOP feeling obliged to be at every event you are invited to.

STOP over-committing.

STOP running yourself ragged.

PAUSE and think about the ramifications of committing yourself and say, “Is  this activity/person/event important? Am I saying yes for good reason, or should I politely decline?”

As it happens, in our Presentations Skills courses, we teach that a pause is one of the most powerful non-verbal tools you can use. The pause is also the most powerful tool you have to help manage your time, life, and energy.

And so I am taking this pause to wish you a healthy, energized and not over-committed week.