Love, Compassion, and Complimentary Coaching!


Love, Compassion, and Complimentary Coaching!

Have you ever had something really difficult and disappointing happen? Were you retrenched, or passed over for the promotion you had been promised. Did someone else get the job you really, really wanted?

I know you can relate because life is imperfect and disappointment is part of all of our realities.

When you look back at that situation with hindsight, while you may still feel a twinge, the intense agony you felt at the time usually will have abated. 

I am so hoping that in a couple of months that’s exactly what the unprecedented dislocations of  Coronavirus Pandemic will be like. I am confident that when we look back at this excruciating period of our lives the agony and confusion of what we are experiencing will be a distant memory.

That is my wish for all of us. Currently, the ripple effects of Covid 19 are rapidly turning into a tsunami, with devastating effects on many people. All we can do is ride it out, look for different ways of doing business and be kind and compassionate to each other.

That is why I am offering all of you a 20 min free Skype or Zoom session to sharpen your communication skills. Please text me on 404 274 4367 with your contact details.

Thinking of you with love & compassion and the reminder that we are #allinthistogether

Look forward to hearing from you!