Are You Communicating with MORE HASTE AND LESS SPEED?

So often, in an effort to respond to a situation immediately, we hastily send out an email, answer a question or make a call that lacks thought.

As a result, the recipient either misunderstands the communication, doesn’t get the full context, or is unnecessarily annoyed.

Had we just taken a couple of minutes to craft our message, think about our response, or plan the call, we could have been so much more effective and in the end, the problem or situation would have been dealt with much more efficiently.

My mantra is simple. Practice conscious, thoughtful communication and you will save so much time!

Here is another technique, and a great mnemonic by the way! STOP, CHALLENGE & CHOOSE.

STOP:  Don’t respond in seconds. Take a minute. A slow deep breath and exhale might help.

CHALLENGE: Re-read the communication and double check that you are not misinterpreting anything or making assumptions.

CHOOSE: Choose your words carefully. As in email, the recipient can’t hear your tone, so how you phrase something is critical. If you are responding via phone or in person, be aware of the words you use, but focus equally on your tone, vocal inflection, and overall demeanor.

Think about how much time we waste because of misunderstandings, lack of clarity and overall hasty communication! In the end, a couple of moments of thought can make your personal and professional life not only more pleasant, but far more efficient.