Are You Checking In With Yourself?

Are You Checking In With Yourself?As I checked in for my flight this morning, I couldn’t help thinking the following:

We check in for travel, we check in with our significant others, we check in at work, but how often do we check in with ourselves?

So, all I encourage you to do — starting today — is to ask yourself the following three questions:

What right now in my life do I need to STOP doing?
What do I need to START doing, and what’s stopping me?
What do I need to CONTINUE doing?

I recommend beginning by listing the sabotaging behaviors you want to STOP, really thinking about ways to implement what it is you want to START doing, and looking at what you want to CONTINUE doing.
And remember, we are often so busy thinking about what we want to give up and what we want to accomplish that we forget to look at all the things we already doing that work well for us.

As leadership expert John Maxwell says, you will never change your life until you change something you do daily.I urge you take a moment and reflect on all THREE: what to STOP, what to START and what to CONTINUE as you embark on a fulfilling, productive and hopefully VERY happy remainder of your summer!