The Greater Impact of Doing More Than Just Showing Up

You may have heard the saying that “90% of life is just showing up” It’s something I say to myself whenever I cross the threshold of the gym or attend a neighborhood committee meeting.

The question is, do we really show up?
There is a big difference between physically being somewhere and really participating actively.

This applies to everything from being at work to social interaction.
I am so tired of going to social and professional events where people are showing up physically but not mentally.

Last week I was having a conversation with a family friend, or at least I thought it was a conversation until he literally started texting while I was mid sentence. He did it as if it was perfectly acceptable and normal. Resisting the urge to grab his phone, I graciously excused myself and walked away.

I didn’t take it personally or start questioning my ability to engage, but what I did do was feel incredibly sad. I was sad that as a society we have become so alienated, sad that so few people really want to get to know each other beyond superficial niceties, and sad that virtual engagement has become so seductive.

Of course I am as guilty as anyone of being dependent on my device. The only difference between me and family friend is that I am conscious of my addiction and the sabotaging impact it can have on interpersonal relationships.
So as you read this, think about the last event you attended, be it personal or professional and then ask yourself whether you “just showed up” or actively participated.

In other words were you fully present or was your mind elsewhere. Were you actively engaged or were you on your phone?

All I ask is that from this moment on we all work not just on showing up, but really showing UP with energy, interest and respect. Let’s kick it UP a notch!

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