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The Greater Impact of Deepak Chopra, James Patterson and Andrew McCarthy

Deepak Chopra, James Patterson and Andrew McCarthy don’t have much in common, other than being best-selling authors. What they also have in common is that I interviewed all three of them over the last few weeks. I found it so fascinating to meet the people behind the brand names and to appreciate their own unique perspectives on navigating life’s challenges.

Let’s start with James Patterson, prolific author, Guiness Book of Records holder for most hard cover best-selling books ever sold,

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The Greater Impact of Understanding the PAIN Factor

This morning I had a rather painful physical therapy session for what has been diagnosed as a frozen shoulder.

While Mark, the therapist was twisting my arm into a rather uncomfortable position, he asked me why it took me so long to deal with the problem. “The reason it’s so sore” he said, “is that you waited far too long. If you had come in sooner, it wouldn’t be such a long journey to recovery.”

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Putting street sex behind walls: Zurich, Switzerland’s crafty solution to lewd acts in public

On a particular street in Zurich, Switzerland, sex workers and their clients have been doing the deed in plain view on the street causing residents to complain. Officials there have put forth a proposal to have manufactured walls put up so that “clients” of these sex workers can drive up and be a bit more private when in the act. CNN’s Nadia Bilchik explains the unique legal and economic reasons why sex workers are coming to Switzerland,

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You get snacks from a vending machine, but drugs too?!

CNN’s Nadia Bilchik joined the CNN Saturday AM team again this week, as she will every week, to bring the U.S. another International story that impacts the U.S.
This week she went into detail about two machines that are revolutionizing the way pharmacies work. One machine allows you to pick up your refills anytime, while the other one will allow you to speak to the pharmacist over a video phone all while getting your prescription refilled.

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Celebrations subdued by the “Horror and Tragedy of this Flooding”

Pakistan’s independence


CNN’s Nadia Bilchik sat down with TJ Holmes this Saturday morning to bring up an important topic. The flooding in Pakistan has literally put an area of that country that is the size of the U.S. state of Florida under water. Today was Pakistan’s independence day, but no one is out in the streets celebrating because of the massive recovery that is taking place there.

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