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Oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, alternatives?

Oil gusher in the Gulf of MexicoFNP: From Nadia’s Producer:

The oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is already the “United State’s worst environmental disaster”

This reminded me of a report that Nadia did for CNN on bio-deisel fuel, check it out, and let us know what you think here in the comments or on Nadia’s facebook page, or @nadiabilchik on twitter.

On CNN.com at:

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Dear Greater Impact fans…We’re Back!

Hey everyone,

We would just like to let all of you know that some exciting things are on the way in the Greater Impact world. Nadia wants to keep in touch with all of you, all the time. We’re preparing for exciting new video content that will be thought provoking, exciting and that will change your day-to-day life. We have had so many ideas and all we want to do is share it all with you.

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Overcome Nerves and Develop Confidence

Ever get nervousness that holds you back? That fear of speaking in front of a crowd or walking up to people and introducing yourself? Well you’ve got everything inside of you, right now, that you need to get over that fear. Let’s stay connected and I’ll help you to finally get over your insecurities and distractions once and for all.

New York Greater Impact Event Photos

Greater Impact headed to New York City and the group that gathered was great. Even CNN’s business correspondent Ali Velshi showed up. Here are some pics from the event. Be sure to keep up with www.nadiaspeaks.com and friend us on facebook for updates on the coming Greater Impact events. Happy networking!