Maximizing Your Virtual Presence

Over the last few weeks this has been the topic of my virtual keynotes, webinars and coaching.

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Module 1: Enhancing your Virtual Presence
1 Understanding the process of projecting confidence in a virtual meeting or presentation.


2 Assessing your audience.


3 Developing content that targets your audience’s needs.


4 Becoming aware of the verbal & non-verbal aspects of projecting a professional image virtually: everything from camera-focused eye contact & voice quality to lighting & attire.



  Module 2: Virtual Networking/Building Collaborative Teams
1 Understanding the need for value-based relationships.
2 Understanding your colleagues/ clients/ potential client’s current priorities.


3 Reaching out to your existing network/colleagues in an authentic & productive way.


4 Understanding the obstacles to nurture your existing network as well as how to develop new relationships in an increasingly virtual work environment.


5 Look at the different virtual platforms to reach out to clients/ colleagues and maintain both visibility and credibility