Lighting the F.I.R.E for Successful Communication

F- Feeling good about yourself

Honore De Balzac said: “There is no greater impediment to getting on well with other people, than being ill at ease with yourself.” We live in a world of enormous stress and challenge and all too often, we forget the power of exuding positive energy as a way of attracting business. And sometimes it is easier to act your way to feeling better than to feel your way to acting better.

I- Show genuine interest

Never before has “being present” been more of a challenge. While you are reading this, how many of you are simultaneously glancing at your BlackBerry? I know I am. So the question I ask is: How conscience are you of paying attention when someone is in your company? Remember in communication, people will remember the way we make them feel much more than by what we say.

R- Relax in all your interactions

Remember as John Kehou said: “You are a culmination of your success and not only as good as your last experience.” Appearing relaxed induces confidence in your audience, whether your audience is an audience of one, 100, or 1000.

E- Engage with energy, excitement and enthusiasm

All too often we allow our day-to-day stresses and challenges to erode our energy and yet, so much of what people buy into when we are selling them a product, a service, or an idea, is that very level of intangible enthusiasm. Remember, sales are a transfer of emotion and in one way or another we are all in sales.