Elevating the “me” Factor

Have you ever gone to a party and had a really awful time because you didn’t feel your best? Perhaps you didn’t feel comfortable in what you were wearing; perhaps it was a case of “bad hair day,” or of just being really tired. That is exactly how I felt last week when, after facilitating a full day of training, I rushed downtown to make it to an important CNN event.

It was one of those brilliantly organized gatherings: the guests included Kasim Reed, the new Mayor of Atlanta; CNN Anchors T.J. Homes and Fredricka Whitfield; the Holyfields, and even Lenny Mcallister, the newest “hip-hop Republican”.

By any standard it should have qualified as a great party, filled with interesting, elegant people in a fabulous venue. But something was missing for me, something that I have since realized was the ME factor. Indeed, everyone really did look amazing, but I didn’t feel that way about myself. Frankly, I was feeling bedraggled. I had been caught in the rain without an umbrella and forgotten my makeup bag. Also, I felt drained after an entire day of presenting.

Because I didn’t feel my physical best, I felt far less comfortable than I usually do. Fortunately, given years of practice and the belief that “it is easier to act your way to feeling better, than it is to feel your way to acting better” I didn’t let it show, and still managed to have a very pleasant evening without, I hope, projecting any of the internal discomfort I was experiencing. However, when I got into my car and reflected back on the evening, I realized that it came down to ME. I have long argued that reaching a comfortable place within yourself begins with internal dialogue, and reflecting on positive past experiences that reinforce and validate you, but sometimes it’s more simple than that: Feeling comfortable can sometimes just come down to feeling appropriately dressed, rested, and suitably groomed. In fact, I can think of occasions that were not particularly spectacular, but because I felt energetic, well-groomed and positive, I had a fabulous time. In the case of the CNN gathering, I needed to have slowed down and made time for myself, so that I could transition from work to socializing and dress accordingly.

So, in honor of elevating the ME factor, our May 13th Mixer is going to be a partnership with the opening of the expanded Elaine Sterling Institute of Aesthetics. The Elaine Sterling Institute of Esthetics is located at 4840 Roswell Road NE, Roswell Oaks Office Park, Building E, Suite 201, Sandy Springs, GA 30342. The event begins at 5:30 p.m.

Elaine has arranged great door prizes that include everything from restaurant gift certificates to free facials, microdermabrasions, botox, and boxing! Yes! Boxing lessons with boxing pro Paul Delgado. There will be fabulous people, fun food and free fizzys, among other delights.

We so look forward to seeing you in what promises to be an evening of natural networking, creative conversations and elevating the ME factor!

Warm Regards