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The Greater Impact of Your Physical Space

There is a lot of talk about the ways in which powerful verbal communication can contribute to career success. You’ve probably heard tips like, “Minimize your ‘ums’ and ‘you knows.’” And as women, we’re often told we should stop using “apologetic” language. For example, it’s better to tell your coworker, “I’d like to meet with you later this week,” than it is to say, “I just wanted to see if maybe you had a little time to talk this week.”

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The Greater Impact of Overcoming Self Doubt

I have been in front of audiences both live and virtually for all of my professional life, but even I have experienced moments of terrifying self-doubt, moments when I have broken out into a cold, heart palpitating sweat in which my usual sense of breezy self-confidence just seems to drain away. In fact, I had exactly that kind of moment just before I was scheduled to introduce media mogul, philanthropist and restaurateur Ted Turner,

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The Greater Impact of Understanding the PAIN Factor

This morning I had a rather painful physical therapy session for what has been diagnosed as a frozen shoulder.

While Mark, the therapist was twisting my arm into a rather uncomfortable position, he asked me why it took me so long to deal with the problem. “The reason it’s so sore” he said, “is that you waited far too long. If you had come in sooner, it wouldn’t be such a long journey to recovery.”

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