My professional journey as an international television anchor, keynote speaker and workshop presenter, has given me unlimited opportunities to educate and connect with people. I arrived in Atlanta 11 years ago, and did not know a single person. I now have a thriving business built through developing meaningful relationships, something I love to talk about.

I have presented in front of the camera for several television networks and worked as an editorial producer at CNN. My energetic and entertaining (and often self deprecating) Keynotes and Workshops delivered to companies and organizations, such as Coca Cola, AOL Time Warner, CNN Bellsouth, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Prudential Georgia Realty, CREW and others always result in positive feedback which is enormously gratifying.

I am passionate about assisting individuals in achieving success in their professional and personal lives. Through my Keynotes and Workshops, I offer guidance and tools which both educates and motivates individuals to reach their highest potential for best results. An example of this success is a producer at CNN, Nadine Drummond who said, she had given my DVD to her sister, who was out of work, and it motivated her to go to a job interview, where she applied some of my techniques, and got the job. I keep these letters as personal inspiration. I also recently worked with Helene Gayle and her executive at CARE on handling the Media and received a note immediately after her interview with WXIA (Channel 11) saying how brilliantly she had implemented the skills she had learned in my session.

My seasoned career background has given me experience and expertise on the importance of Elevating Your Personal Presence: The Verbal and Non Verbal techniques that will make people like you, trust you and want to do business with you. This is a critical component in anyone’s career success. At a time in our economy when everyone is looking for a competitive edge, I have seen an increase in demand for education on surviving in the increasingly challenging business arena. I spoke to Prudential last week, on the importance of Acting UP when the Economy is DOWN. This is a critical time to take charge of the things that are under your control, and without wanting to sound clichéd, attitude is one of them. At a time like this, we need to remember that negativity can unconsciously repel and prevent people wanting to do business with us.

In later years, when I look back on my life, I will be able to say, “I was in their corner, contributed to their success and made a difference to their lives.” What could be better than that?