Do You MAXIMIZE your Personal Impact? Could it be GREATER?

Firstly a special thank you to all of you who attended our Mixer and gave so generously to Mercy Care. I am thrilled to report that we collected over 200 pairs of warm winter socks for Atlanta’s homeless (see the pics below). It is a true example of paying #luv4wrd.
Collected over 200 pairs of paying luv4wrd.
chef and a woman presenting desserts
woman posing for picture

As another year comes to an end, it’s a good time to assess and take stock of where you are at.


A good way to start is by asking yourself, what did you enjoy the most? What project or experience gave you the greatest satisfaction? The list can be both personal and professional. For me it includes everything from my daughter graduating college and getting her first job to CNN re-airing an interview I did with the late and great Robin Williams.

The reason I ask you to list your positive experiences of 2014, is that one of the most critical ways to have Greater Impact in all your interactions is to come across with a deep seated sense of self-assurance. This all begins with reminding yourself of what you HAVE achieved, rather than your disappointments. The ability to mentally capture positive past experiences also results in you exuding POSITIVE ENERGY, which is another critical factor in Maximizing your Personal Impact.

Another question to ask yourself is: Were you BOLD enough this past year? Did you let fear of rejection sabotage you, or did you make that call, speak up in that meeting, and do at least one thing this past year that was challenging?


Did you come across with polish, poise and authority? When you presented information were you credible and passionate? Or are did you inadvertently sabotage yourself by fidgeting, sounding nervous and not being prepared?


I am excited to announce that in 2015 Greater Impact will be offering our first open enrollment workshops on Maximizing Your Presentation Impact: Tips and Techniques to be HEARD and present information in a compelling way. Please email if you want additional information.