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The Greater Impact of Respectful Curiosity, Diversity & Inclusion

One of my most popular workshops focuses on Networking to Enhance a Diverse and Inclusive Business Environment. And it’s popular for a good reason: being able to successfully navigate relationships with individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and generations is essential both for you and your organization.
Doing business overseas has allowed U.S.-based companies to capitalize on rapid growth in emerging markets like China, India, and Latin America, and to earn much stronger profits than they would if they were totally dependent on the U.S.

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The Greater Impact of Mutual Reciprocation

The little book of big networking ideasI recently had the pleasure of joining brand guru Melissa Simkins to discuss the topic of expert networking. Here are a few of the key points that came out of the conversation.

Be a go-giver

We often think of networking as the process of approaching others whom we believe have something to offer us. But the most successful networkers strive to provide value to their contacts, as well.

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